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Parks Group Honors Park Heroes at Centennial Salute to the Parks Celebration

The National Parks Conservation Association’s (NPCA) annual Salute to the Parks awards reception offers one of the largest and most influential gatherings of the conservation and environmental communities. This annual event celebrates our national parks and the people around the country who speak up on their behalf.

Thomas D. Mangelsen, world-renowned nature and wildlife photographer and advocate, received the prestigious Robin W. Winks Award for enhancing public understanding of national parks. The award is given annually to an individual or organization that has effectively communicated the values of the National Park System to the American public. Mangelsen has dedicated more than 40 years to observing and photographing the Earth’s last great wild places. His award-winning limited edition images have been collected by thousands around the world. Utilizing his powerful photographs, Mangelsen was a leader in the campaign against the illegal removal of federal protections and a subsequent hunt of Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem grizzly bears. He also donated photos to NPCA, in support of its work to defend Grand Teton and Yellowstone grizzly bears, as well as to stop the barbaric hunting of wolves and bears in Alaska. Mangelsen’s images in the campaigns were seen by millions and helped NPCA activate public comments by more than 33,000 park advocates across the country.

“Tom has the power to inspire us through his camera lens and also move people to action, as a passionate and committed conservationist,” said Theresa Pierno, President and CEO for the National Parks Conservation Association. “His ability to convey stories through his stunning images of the landscapes and wildlife within our national parks are powerful reminders of threats they face. Tom’s partnership in our work to protect grizzlies and wolves, from Grand Teton to Denali inspired tens of thousands of advocates to speak up and became one of the most visible campaigns in NPCA’s 100-year history.”

“Our National Parks can be more powerful than most imagine: whether inspired by a grand vista, moved by a wildlife encounter, or touched by history, visiting a national park can alter one’s life in unexpected ways,” said Tom Mangelsen. “The course of my life likely took a different path following my first visit to Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks, and now having NPCA use my images to aid in their advocacy for these same parks and their wildlife is truly an honor. These special places need as many voices as possible speaking for them and NPCA stands among the best.”

A salute to national parks. Enjoy the scenic beauty of our national parks everyday by hanging Mangelsen fine art photography on the walls of your home or office.
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April 26 | Park City, Utah: Gallery Stroll from 6-9pm
Come enjoy light refreshments and stroll through some of the best art galleries in the West. Free and open to the public. Tom will not be appearing at this event.

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