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Dr. Jane Goodall is one of my dearest friends and on April 3rd those who care about the natural world are invited to help her celebrate 85 remarkable years on the planet. Jane’s friendship over the past two decades has been the most important and treasured years in my life.

I could try to regale you with words about Jane, citing quotes made by notable people about her, and I could endeavor to try and express the kind of impact she has had. But there is nothing I could share that would come close to being adequate enough. 

Jane Goodall is simply one of a kind. She is a unifying force of positive spirit, energy and warmth in these uncertain times, and even though she wrestles every day with the gravity of challenges facing people and wildlife, she still speaks power to the most potent emotion in the universe: hope.

Globally, it is safe to say she has no bounds. Traveling over 300 days a year, she brings not only hope but peace and enlightenment and the importance of the environment from North Korea to North America. She has touched more hearts and changed more minds from children in small villages in Africa to kings and queens, movie stars and musicians, than likely any living human.

To me, Jane is grace personified. From the moment we met we knew we were kindred spirits. She is, of course, most famously associated with the cause of protecting chimpanzees and the places where they live, teaching us that these close primate cousins of ours have complicated inner emotions and a profound intelligence. Today, Jane Goodall's is the most widely beloved and respected voice for conservation on planet Earth.

Over these precious years, she has joined me in witnessing some of nature’s most iconic wonders beginning with Grand Teton and Yellowstone national parks and their bears, bison, wolves and swans; then northward to Alaska’s Denali and it’s grand landscape of moose, lynx and caribou. Every spring for the past 18 years we’ve gone on our annual pilgrimage to Nebraska’s Platte River, where I grew up, to marvel at the migration of a half million sandhill cranes. These ancient birds are symbols of what once was and still could be. They renew and refuel our energies to carry us forward to fight another battle whether it be climate change or protecting grizzly bears, cougars, wolves and the Endangered Species Act.  One of my most memorable times was exploring Gombe’s mountainous trails through the dark jungle in the footsteps of Jane, listening to the wild calls of chimpanzees - where it all began.

There will never be another person like Jane Goodall again. We are blessed to have her amongst us. And there is something we can give her in return: support for her favorite beloved project—Roots and Shoots—which connects millions of young people with nature and engenders in them a passion for making a difference in protecting all species.

For the next 72 hours, I will be donating 50% of the proceeds from limited edition image sales* to support the Jane Goodall Institute and its Roots & Shoots initiative. Together, it will be our way of saying thanks. Every day that you see one of my prints on your wall, remember that we stepped forward to commemorate one of the greatest conservationists who has ever lived. We did it to say thanks—and Happy Birthday!

My very best to you,

Thomas D. Mangelsen

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