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New Limited Editions from Gombe National Park

For most of my adult life I’ve known and admired Jane Goodall and her late husband Hugo van Lawick’s work in National Geographic magazines, films, and books they have done. I have always dreamed of going to what is now called Gombe National Park, on the shores of Lake Tanganyika, in Tanzania, where Jane and Hugo did much of their studies of chimpanzees. Jane went there as a young woman of 26, in 1960, to study and do research on chimpanzees. Now in it’s 58th year, it’s the longest research study of wildlife in the world.

Although Jane and I have been good friends for nearly twenty years, this past June was the first time I was able to go with her to Gombe, where it all began. It was and will remain one of the most memorable times of my life. Walking in her “footsteps” and experiencing some of Jane’s favorite places like the “Peak”, the “Waterfall,” and of course observing and photographing my first chimps, many of whom are descendants of those Jane studied and knew so well, was simply magical.

Going to Gombe gave me an even greater appreciation for Jane’s fortitude, passion, respect, and the sacrifices she made then and continues to make today, not only to save chimps and all wildlife and wild places, but to better understand ourselves, and what we must do to preserve our tiny planet as we know it. Thank you Jane!

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September 23 | Denver, Colorado: Build a Birdhouse for Kids 12-2pm
The whole family is invited to a birdhouse decorating event benefitting Ronald McDonald House. Many of these birdhouses will be displayed throughout the Cherry Creek North retail area and some will be auctioned off with proceeds benefitting Ronald McDonald House. Tom will not be appearing at this event.

September 23 | Denver, Colorado: Nature’s Educators 12-2pm
Join us as we learn about the importance of raptors and other wild animals, as well as conservation efforts available in our area from Nature's Educators. Tom will not be appearing at this event.

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