The story behind Mangelsen’s masterwork: “Out of Darkness”
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The Legacy Reserve Collection represents some of the most meaningful moments in my life.

Mangelsen's masterwork titled Out of Darkness from his Legacy Reserve Collection
Out of Darkness was photographed in 1985 in Glacier National Park, Montana

Memorable photography, the kind that stays with us and stands the test of time, is often a combination of talent and serendipity. Or, as in Thomas D. Mangelsen’s image Out of Darkness – Eagle, it might involve instinctively tapping into the power of an archetype—in this case, the nation’s undying compassion for its wounded warriors typified, as metaphor here, in the struggle of a wildlife icon.

Mightiest of the continent’s native raptors, the bald eagle, of course, is America’s venerated wildlife symbol. In this dramatic aerial display over McDonald Creek in Montana, a mature female bald eagle, with wings locked, glides out of its dark roost into the first rays of dawn to pluck a landlocked kokanee salmon from the water’s surface. But there is more to the story. Somehow, the avian had lost a talon, likely to a muskrat trap, which could easily have spelled its doom. Mangelsen observed the injured female for days, admiring her perseverance and will to live. Waiting to capture her in all her glory, he succeeded with this photograph that was one of his most sought-after ever, popular especially among the veterans of military families.

On the morning this picture was taken the bird plunged like a fighter jet emerging from its shadowed roost into the auspicious hope of sunlight. Her frame being pulled into the frigid current as she tried to hoist the heavy payload, she struggled, eventually lifting off again and her wet head feathers carrying a frosting of ice. To all who witnessed the bird’s indomitable spirit, as she clutched the salmon in her lone talon, it was—and remains—unforgettable.

A mature female bald eagle glides out of its dark roost into the first rays of dawn to pluck a salmon from the water’s surface.
The Legacy Reserve Collection represents some of the most meaningful moments in my life.
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The Legacy Experience: Great Sandhill Crane Migration, Along the Famous Platte River in Nebraska

When you acquire a Legacy Reserve Collection masterwork, you and a guest will be invited to join Mangelsen to witness one of the greatest wildlife phenomena in North America, the ancient migration of hundreds of thousands of sandhill cranes, and other migratory birds who visit each spring along the famous Platte River in Nebraska.

Travel back in time to the river banks and family cabin where Mangelsen began his photography career. It is where Tom learned animal behavior and most importantly patience from his father, who heavily influenced his love of nature and life outdoors. You will be joined by world-famous ornithologist, Foundations Regent Professor Emeritus and Tom’s lifelong friend and mentor, Dr. Paul Johnsgard.

This three-day VIP experience will take place in March of 2019 and is limited to only 10-16 guests. Visit a gallery or contact Customer Support at 800-228-9686.

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