The portrait of "Blondie" titled Eyes of the Grizzly has been a collector favorite since its debut.

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Eyes of the Grizzly | Artist Proof

“I was fortunate to capture this stunning image I call "Eyes of the Grizzly", the portrait of a young grizzly bear who is nicknamed ‘Blondie’, due to the light color of her guard hairs. She was just 3 years old then, still learning to survive on her own.

Just last weekend, my search to again find and photograph ‘Blondie’ brought me back to the Pilgrim Creek area where she calls home. I was fortunate to find her, now 10 years old, looking healthy and teaching her two young cubs the lessons of survival that she had learned from her mother so many years ago.”

Eyes of the Grizzly has been a collector favorite since its debut. The Collector Edition of 950 is now sold out and only a limited number of Artist Proof and Legacy Reserve editions remain. To add this image to your collection, contact Customer Support or a gallery to check for availability.

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A Message from Tom Mangelsen: For the first time in 43 years, the state of Wyoming plans to commence a "trophy sport hunt" of Greater Yellowstone grizzly bears only a year after the popular icons of Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Park were removed from federal protection.
Read Tom’s full letter and find out how you can take action to help protect grizzly bears like famous grizzly 399 and her cubs.

A portion of the sales from grizzly bear or mountain lion related items will be donated to organizations personally selected by Tom.

Partner with Us—You Collect. We Donate. *When you add an amazing image of grizzly 399 and her cubs, or any other grizzly bear product to your art collection, Tom Mangelsen will donate 20% of the sale to trusted organizations helping to protect grizzly bears, mountain lions and our great wild places! Click here to get started — view the whole line of grizzly 399 images. To activate the donation, just type “GRIZZLY 399” in the notes section on your order. Cannot be combined with any other offer or promotion.

Anderson Cooper with 60 Minutes catches up with Thomas D. Mangelsen—Into the Wild

A look behind the scenes at the 60 Minutes crew.

“I would like to thank the entire 60 Minutes crew, producers and Anderson Cooper for their incredible dedication and hard work producing the Into the Wild segment. It was truly amazing watching them work and to see their level of professionalism and commitment to the craft.
Thank you and all my best.” —Tom


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