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Save the vaquita, a small porpoise from the Gulf of Mexico.

Map of the Gulf of California

Important Conservation Message from Tom Mangelsen:

Ever heard of the vaquita, a small porpoise in the Gulf of California? With less than 30 remaining, they will likely soon become extinct unless illegal gill netting is stopped. Visit to see what you can do to help.

On Saturday, February 17, supporters will take part in a procession in honor of the vaquita. A silent and solemn ceremony of respect for the natural world will depart from the Tamayo Museum at 10:00 am and end at the National Museum of Anthropology. The procession’s highlight will be a “performance” conceived by Mexican artist and conservationist Patricio Robles Gil. He has created an evocative sculpture that is the centerpiece of the ceremony.

I encourage you to participate and join this global, ritual ceremony wherever you are in the world. With digital media and social networks, today we can involve many more people like you. The idea is that you invent your own ritual.

You're invited to print some images of the vaquita and place them in important places surrounded by some beloved objects, flowers, and candles. Photograph and document your altar and upload it to, where you will see it as part of a world map which will display all the altars around the world. In this way, you may honor the vaquita, and your voice will be added to those of many other people and diverse cultural spaces in sounding the alarm for the serious damage we are causing to the natural world.

Join us for Artist Receptions in Colorado and Utah

You are cordially invited to the upcoming Artist Receptions! Meet renowned American nature photographer, Thomas D. Mangelsen at these exclusive Mangelsen—Images of Nature Gallery events! Throughout the evening Tom will be available for signing and sharing stories from his photographic adventures. If you cannot attend, email an Art Consultant in Steamboat Springs or Park City or call Customer Support at 800-228-9686 to personally handle your fine art photography selections!

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February 17 | La Jolla, California: Seal Talk & Walk at 2pm
It is pupping season for the La Jolla Harbor Seals! Please join us every other Saturday for a talk on Seal Biology and Behavior followed by a short walk to Casa Beach organized by Seal Society of Sierra Club San Diego. Admission is Free. Tom will not be appearing at this event.

February 23 | Park City, Utah: Gallery Stroll from 6-9pm
Come enjoy light refreshments and stroll through some of the best art galleries in the West. Free and open to the public. Tom will not be appearing at this event.

February 24 | Steamboat Springs, Colorado: Artist Reception from 5-9pm

March 3 | Park City, Utah: Artist Reception from 5-9pm

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