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Mangelsen’s Amboseli Crossing to be auctioned at WildAid Gala
Amboseli Crossing from Mangelen's Legacy Reserve Collection will be up for auction.
Spend an evening with celebrity ambassadors by attending the WildAid Gala

Thomas D. Mangelsen is proud of his contributions to conservation, and the opportunities his art has presented to him; in the way that he has been empowered to support environmental organizations through special events, projects and the sale of his photographs.

After releasing his Legacy Reserve Collection a few weeks ago, Mangelsen donated edition number 8 of Amboseli Crossing, an epic photograph of ‘Elephants in the Dust’ to the WildAid Gala, taking place on November 11th in Los Angeles.

Tom has witnessed and participated in many struggles in the uphill battle for justice for wildlife, and he is particularly impressed with WildAid’s strategy to save elephants:

“Through public awareness campaigns, and the support of celebrity ambassadors that include Yao Ming and Jackie Chan, WildAid has had a positive impact on reducing China’s demand for ivory. This in turn has influenced government policies, and that is powerful stuff! I’m really looking forward to attending the gala and celebrating WildAid’s achievements.”
-Thomas D. Mangelsen

Amboseli Crossing is a tribute to a famous pachyderm mother named Joyce, matriarch to a much beloved sub-herd known as the “JA” Family. Their legacy as one of the most studied groups of elephants is especially poignant as poaching and habitat loss continue to reduce elephant numbers across Africa... Read the full story by Jamie Joseph at

To attend the WildAid Gala, visit

The Legacy Reserve Collection of Masterworks by Thomas D. Mangelsen

Mangelsen’s new Legacy Reserve Collection are Masterworks counted among the rarest and the best of the best.

The story starts back in 1975, when Mangelsen created his very first limited edition photograph. Tom decided to hold back his most valuable prints, numbered 1 to 20, so that one day as a career capstone they would be offered as part of a Legacy Reserve Collection. Many images featured in this collection have been sold out for more than a decade, which are complemented by recent masterworks destined to sell out in the future.

For the first time, collectors have the unique opportunity to acquire one of 20 numbers from Tom's personal artist reserve, gaining membership in a rarefied club of fine art collectors.
To learn more about this prestigious collection and to view all of the images featured in it, please visit


October 27 | Park City, Utah: Gallery Stroll from 6-9pm
Come enjoy light refreshments and stroll through some of the best art galleries in the West. Free and open to the public. Tom will not be appearing at this event.

November 3 | Omaha, Nebraska: Gallery Walk from 6-9pm
First Friday is a free event celebrating local creativity in Omaha's most historic neighborhood. Be serenaded by live music as you stroll Old Market's distinctive brick streets. Stop into our Mangelsen – Images of Nature Gallery for a map of participating galleries. Tom will not be appearing at this event.

November 3 | Steamboat Springs, Colorado: Gallery Walk from 5-8pm
Take a walking tour of Steamboat's Art Galleries and alternative art venues. Free and open to the public. Our Mangelsen – Images of Nature Gallery is a must stop. Tom will not be appearing at this event.

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