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FEATURE STORY by Todd Wilkinson

WHEN VIRTUAL REALITY IS NO MATCH FOR A TRUE LIFE IN THE WILD: The Amazing “All Natural” Photographs of Thomas D. Mangelsen

In this age of superior environmental awareness, when mass media and virtual reality are ostensibly supposed to make us smarter in our knowledge of the natural world, consider this paradox: One of the most famous and widely-circulated wildlife photographs ever made is an image that most members of the Millennial generation probably assume is a product of digital manipulation. Read the full story>

Born of the North Wind from Mangelsen's Legacy Reserve Collection

Born of the North Wind : Mangelsen has won awards for making fine art photographs that also illuminate contemporary conservation issues. Born of the North Wind showing a polar bear and Arctic fox on sea ice in the Far North is a reminder of how iconic creatures, with global warming, will literally be seeing the world they know vanish beneath their feet. Read the full story>

Unveiling the Legacy Reserve Collection of Masterworks by Thomas D. Mangelsen

When you collect a Legacy Reserve Masterwork, you also gain an unparalleled experience in art collecting. Your purchase includes a day in the field with the legendary photographer himself, searching for the iconic wildlife of Grand Teton National Park. The experience is capped off by an evening with conservationist Dr. Jane Goodall at Mangelsen’s home along the base of the Teton Mountains.

Learn more about the Legacy Reserve Collection >

The Legacy Experience with Thomas D. Mangelsen

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September 6-17 | The Jackson Hole Fall Arts Festival
Thousands of art enthusiasts are drawn each year to experience the diverse artwork and breathtaking natural surroundings that make Jackson Hole a leading cultural center. Visitors will appreciate the works of nationally and internationally acclaimed artists along with an exceptional array of events featuring music, cuisine, and wine.

September 21 | Jackson Hole, Wyoming: Art Gallery Walk from 5-8pm
Enjoy Jackson Hole's world class art galleries as you stroll through town before or after dinner. Tom will not be appearing at this event.

September 29 | Park City, Utah: Gallery Stroll from 6-9pm
Come enjoy light refreshments and stroll through some of the best art galleries in the West. Free and open to the public. Tom will not be appearing at this event.

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