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Art as a Force for Good

Putting into practice his ardent conviction that fine art can win human hearts and be a powerful force for good in the world, Thomas D. Mangelsen recently watched several of his acclaimed wildlife scenes raise $165,000 for rhino conservation and anti-poaching patrols in Africa.

“These magnificent animals, that have roamed the planet for more than 50 million years, can survive almost anything but human greed,” Mangelsen said of a poaching epidemic driven by black market trading in rhino horn. “I just refuse to imagine our world without rhinos. We all can and must do more.”

The impressive gavel prices for 15 of Mangelsen’s coveted collectible prints were notched at a special auction held June 1 in Los Angeles and sponsored by the Elephant Action League and a grassroots organization, Saving the Wild. Both groups are devoted to exposing criminal activity and corruption in nations where rhinos and elephants are being ruthlessly slaughtered.

The enthusiastic response to Mangelsen’s fine art imagery is just a prelude to what promises to be a very big year for the Jackson Hole, Wyoming-based wildlife and landscape photographer. In just a few weeks, Mangelsen will be making a special announcement regarding a one-of-a kind opportunity for collectors to own his most lauded masterworks of the last 40 years, a trove soon to be featured in a national museum exhibition scheduled to open in 2018. At the LA auction, his vaunted elephant portrait Amboseli Crossing sold for $24,000 and another piece, Shades of Sapphire, featuring a leopard, had a winning bid of $23,000.

Visit a Mangelsen Images of Nature Gallery or Shop Online.

Visit a Mangelsen Images of Nature Gallery or Shop Online.


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