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FALL in Love with a Rush of Autumn

Such a vibrant autumn scene naturally reveals why the Great Smoky Mountains is the most visited national park in the United States. The summer’s end brings a decline of green pigment to the leaves exposing the carotenoid—yellow and orange pigment—that turns the foliage golden. The autumn sunlight in turn breaks down sugars in the leaves forming the anthocyanins—the pigment that brings reds and purples to the forest.


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September 15 | Jackson Hole, Wyoming: Art Gallery Walk from 5-8pm
Enjoy Jackson Hole's world class art galleries as you stroll through town before or after dinner.

September 17 | Jackson, Wyoming: Artist Reception and Book Signing from 5-9pm
Come meet Thomas D. Mangelsen at this exclusive gallery event! Throughout the evening Tom will be available for signing and sharing stories from his photographic adventures. If you cannot attend, contact a gallery Art Consultant or Customer Support at 800-228-9686 to personally handle your image selections!

September 17 | Denver, Colorado: 2nd Annual Art Feast from 3-6pm
Join us for a collision of food and art during this exclusive walking tour of Cherry Creek North, featuring the area's most acclaimed galleries and select bites from renowned restaurants. Art Feast is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for culinary and artistic interaction, sampling and learning, in a re-imagined way and it’s FREE.

September 30 | Park City, Utah: Gallery Stroll from 6-9pm
Come enjoy light refreshments and stroll through some of the best art galleries in the west. Free and open to the public.

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