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Mangelsen - Images of Nature Gallery


Teton Meditation | Framed - Open Edition Art
Appalachian Sojourn | Framed - Open Edition Art
Blue Ridge Rhododendrons | Desktop - Open Edition Art

Tom Mangelsen is offering an unprecedented way for you to bring his passion for wildlife into your living spaces. Mangelsen Open Edition Art is a new line of hand-picked images designed specifically to be more attainable, especially for new collectors, gift giving and those searching for quality, affordable art.

“Over the years, wherever I’ve traveled, people have told me they enjoy my work but that a certain limited edition print they wanted was sold out, or may be beyond their price range,” Mangelsen says. “Others have told me they were looking to find the perfect housewarming gift for their children or maybe a child had landed a job and they wanted to honor them with a decorative photograph for the office.”

Mangelsen has taken their sentiments to heart. “Nothing gives me more pleasure than being able to bond with people over special moments I’ve had in the natural world,” he says.

Open Edition Art not only provides an affordable alternative to Mangelsen’s hand-signed and highly-desirable limited edition art, they also make the perfect finishing touch to your home or office decor.

“I can relate to people who want more than posters in their living rooms, and professionals who desire having something more elegant to brighten their offices because, frankly, I was there too,” Mangelsen says. “I remember the moment, and felt proud, when I was in my twenties and able to own my first piece of real art. It was a print by Ansel Adams.”

We invite you to visit a gallery or shop online to explore the next evolution of Thomas D. Mangelsen’s collectible fine art photography. You too can join those who already know the joy of having a Mangelsen image on the wall!

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