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Grizzlies of Pilgrim Creek is making headlines coast to coast!

You're invited to spend an evening with Mangelsen and Wilkinson as they discuss the dramatic story of famous mother bear Grizzly 399

Tom's new book titled Grizzlies of Pilgrim Creek available in hardcover, delux leather and limited editions
Tom's new book

The Shooter: Jackson Hole wildlife photographer Thomas D. Mangelsen shows how nature art can inspire viewers to save the wild world.

MOUNTAIN OUTLAW | By Todd Wilkinson – Suppose you are a globally renowned wildlife photographer, a shooter who’s been at it for more than 40 years. Right before your eyes you see animal subjects – individual, spectacular creatures you’ve come to know better than any others – and now, it seems, they are about to be killed. What would you do? More>

Tom's new book

Holiday Books: 19 Mesmerizing Coffee Table Titles

LOS ANGELES TIMES | By Ai Weiwei – California Life & Style - Ten years of following Yellowstone’s Grizzly 399 and her offspring result in these dramatic, intimate photographs of wildlife in the wild. More>

Mangelsen's photo from Grizzlies of Pilgrim Creek

Recreation: Humanizing 399, the World’s Most Famous Grizzly Bear

THE SALT LAKE TRIBUNE | By Mike Gorrell – Nearly a decade has passed since Millcreek resident Megan Burick caught a glimpse of the grizzly bear known as 399, but the memory remains precious to her. "It was just so exhilarating to see that bear, even though it was over in a flash," said the home health-care provider of her experience in the Colter Bay tent cabin campground along Jackson Lake in Wyoming's Grand Teton National Park. "I don't think I realized at the time what it meant to have a bear that big so close. It was thrilling." More>

Christian Science Monitor

Saga of the World’s Most Famous Grizzly

CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR | By Todd Wilkinson – Bear No. 399 provides a cautionary tale of the revival of the rugged symbol of the American West as Washington considers removing grizzlies from federal protection… More> Share the story with your friends on Facebook and Twitter!